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Something Dark

This blog was hacked about a year ago and I lost most of my content. As I sort through some of my old photographs, I’m noticing that some of my favorites have a sinister undertone. There’s a mild uneasiness or sense of threat in these that I didn’t consciously intend when I took them.

In real life, this is just my son fiddling with a locker because he’s fascinated by all things mechanical, including locks. The finished product has a kind of gritty, industrial quality that reflects my views of mainstream education.

This is from the side of the building in downtown Latrobe, PA. It was a glorious summer day and I think I intended to capture the irony of this menacing cold war symbol with its incongruous sunny yellow paint. As it turns out, though, I don’t think there’s any irony to it. Because of the angle, it just looks looming and threatening without much “sunniness” to it.

Once again, this i s my son. I think the neighbor’s dilapidated ambulance intensifies the threat of the incoming storm. My son looks a bit like a sailor climbing a mast to assess the nasty weather.

The little white figure at the bottom of the hill combined with the looming shadows above makes this look a bit like a cult ritual in the offing. The obscured face of the in-focus figure at the top of the hill magnifies the effect, somehow. In real life, this was a day of fun at Twin Lakes Park.

First Resort

Every picture I’ve taken means something to me, but there’s only a few that I consider really good photographs. This is one of them. The composition and the light made this a pretty good picture in its raw state, but the heavy-handed processing elevated it beyond a representation of what I saw that day and made it a representation of how I felt when I saw it.

New Year

Memento Mori

St. Vincent Grove



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