Month: April 2018


Syllabus for Living in the Mountains

A short piece of music I wrote inspired by Gao Panlong’s “A Syllabus for Living in the Mountains,” translated by Bin Song and edited Paul Blair. I tried to capture a little of Panlong’s simplicity, cheerfulness, and “normal-and-ordinary” spirit.


Interesting Links (4.18.2018)

The Megafire Burning in Oklahoma A fire so big, it has a name. Rhea. Paying My Respects to Pap Thomas While Grant’s funeral was one of the largest events ever in New York, Thomas’s was a much different affair. Not a single one of Thomas’s blood relatives attended, bitter over […]


Interesting Links (4.13.2018)

Kurt Cobain, The Rolling Stone Interview: Success Doesn’t Suck He is bugged that people think of him more as an icon than a songwriter… He’d be really bugged now. “I’m really thankful, and every month I come to more optimistic conclusions.” What an odd thing to say. Every month? Who […]


Interesting Links (4.3.2018)

Pittsburgh Books and Authors to Add to Your Must-Read List (The Incline) Engineer Who Lived Modestly Donates $37 Million To Pittsburgh Foundation (Sunny Skyz) Buddha & Hume (Existential Comics)