A Limerick Ode to Mr. Carll

Paul Carll worked in the coal pits,
But on Christmas Eve he called quits,
And down by the crick,
Lit a dynamite stick,
In a flash he was blown clean to bits!

Poor old Mr. Carll is the Christmas Eve ghost of my humble neighborhood, Dorothy Patch. Every year on Christmas Eve he walks the patch, singing Christmas carols until, at midnight, we hear the tell-tale “boom” that announces his departure for another year.

I usually leave a little brandy or bourbon out on the porch for him and come inside. This year will be so warm, though, that I may just sit on the porch with some moonshine and a cigar and try to meet him in person. (Probably best to hide my lighter, though.)

Dorothy Man Blows Himself Up in Celebration.

Paul Carll, who is employed at Dorothy works, near Latrobe, was blown to atoms Tuesday at midnight while trying to celebrate the advent of Christmas. He ran a wire from a telephone battery in a foreign boarding house to some dynamite in a can. The explosive was prematurely set off.