Author: Ben Butina


Suite: Frank’s Diner Supreme

The Waitress I’m not much to look at now, but when I was 19, I could make anything look good, even that green polyester uniform. I liked the attention, and I learned to like the cops, the strippers, the drunks, and the grab bag of other weirdos that flocked to […]



Muster here you mighty, you men who’ve earned the name We gather in the great hall, to greet a hero bold With shining shields the honor guard, shall safeguard one whose fame Has vouchsafed with his valor, a vault among the old For Tyler Doohan


Bird Day

She looks at the odd light and asks, Dad, am I dreaming? And then she teaches Me more about birds. This morning I saw a killdeer In the parking lot at work. It tried to draw me away from its eggs By pretending to be injured. I looked at the […]