Author: Ben Butina


Stand Up Comedy & Horror

You can never laugh at a Jim Gaffigan joke the way you did the first time you heard it because you see the punchline coming. You’ll never be as scared of The Sixth Sense as you were the first time you watched it because you know where the jump scares […]


The Carnival Has Ended

Human life cannot be formless. We live by patterns. We move in comradeships. Conformity is evil when it distorts, flattens, and erases fruitful ways, strong ideas, natural identities; it is evil when it is a steamroller. But a man cannot escape being part of a milieu – and a recognizable […]


First in Peace

In his recent essay, Did Robert E. Lee Commit Treason?, Civil War historian Allen C. Guelzo discusses the Confederate surrender and its immediate aftermath. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, we know that Lincoln’s post-war strategy would have focused on reconciliation, not retribution. Confederate leadership, however, would have no way […]