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First in Peace

In his recent essay, Did Robert E. Lee Commit Treason?, Civil War historian Allen C. Guelzo discusses the Confederate surrender and its immediate aftermath. With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, we know that Lincoln’s post-war strategy would have focused on reconciliation, not retribution. Confederate leadership, however, would have no way […]


Angel’s Glow

I just read an article about a phenomena called angel’s glow which purportedly occurred on the battlefield after the Battle of Shiloh (April 6, 1862). According to the legend, some of the injured soldiers’ wounds glowed blue, after which they experienced a better-than-expected recovery. The article can be found here […]


Top of the Ninth

A few years back, I took twelve colleagues to a Pirates game. The American and Japanese spectators cheered for the hometeam, booed the umpire, and jumped out of their seats to watch a double-play. The two Englishmen in the group, on the other hand, gave up and left their seats […]