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Respect for Acting

I’ve never tried acting, but lately I’ve become curious about how it’s done. I just finished reading Respect for Acting, by Uta Hagen. This is one of those seminal works that is recommended to young actors, particularly those working in the theater. The actions of human beings are governed, more […]


Dick Dale

I’ve been performing since 1955. I’m going to have to keep performing till I die because I’m not going to die in some rocking chair with a big ol’ beer belly. Dick Dale (1937-2019)


Dorothy Patch–A Bit of Americana

The following article, written by Richard Gazarik, first appeared in The Tribune-Review in the 1978. My comments appear in gray boxes. If you drive along Route 981, past St. Vincent College toward Latrobe, you might miss Dorothy Patch. From the road, Dorothy doesn’t look like you’d be missing much. All […]


Speaking Under Correction

I’m currently reading The State of the Union: Essays in Social Criticism by Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945). When Nock offered an opinion on a subject with which he was unfamiliar, he’d preface it with the phrase, “I speak under correction.” This phrase, which seems to have peaked in popularity in […]


Grant on Delegation

I was no clerk, nor had I any capacity to become one. The only place I ever found in my life to put a paper so as to find it again was either a side coat-pocket or the hands of a clerk or secretary more careful than myself…[However], there was […]