Selected Mad Libs from Our Family Dinner Table

Candlemaker Crunch.
Deck the stounge with poison ivy.
Ralphie Boxbender wants only one thing for Arbor Day.
Children bounce off the laundry room when you give them a vegetable.
Second cousins mended socks and sewed cheeses over holes in clothes.
It was November of 2016, and Armenia had a loud inside game.
And all that glitters is plum.
In facial expression, welcoming kitty kat.
Fast Mario Hedgehog is an upcoming 3D spiky germ.
Teacup Dinkleburg was a sporty writer.
United Hungry Church in Kirby’s Dreamland was the center of Jerry’s life.
The procedure went dank and the baby is up and zooming around.
Consistently super tasting craft poison, brewed locally.
President Brother Burgerking W. Littlegirl.
PickyPants Jackson thinks he has the vaguest solution for a vacant property.
He believed the appointment of Mr. Dumptrucks was a cool mistake.
Members of Tacoland Tom’s inner circle revealed their forecast at sunrise.